Vision and Mission

Walking in faith with vulnerable people and serving them to see their lives transformed

What comes to mind when you think of Mumbai? For some it is a land of opportunity; for others it is a place of despair.

Many of those who migrate to the city do not experience the popular Mumbai of fashion, food, and opportunity that so many have come to love.

Instead they know the slums, the demeaning work, and the faceless life of those whom society has ignored. Unseen they are easily abused and unable to rely on a social safety net, they settle into a life of degradation.

Sahaara Charitable Society exists to serve and equip these marginalized people to grow into positive contributors of society.

In November of 1994, a group of concerned citizens banded together and decided to give themselves to work amongst the most disregarded people of Mumbai, pledging to go to the places where very few will go.

At Sahaara Charitable Society, we seek to empower people to articulate their dreams and to support and equip them as they work to fulfil these dreams in their lifetime!

With this view in mind, Sahaara Charitable Society was formed with the vision of “Gifting Dreams”.

We hope to help the most disadvantaged groups in the city realize their dreams!