That children grow holistically and responsible and are joined to families.

More than 1500 children are invisible behind the high walls of Observation and Children’s Homes in Mumbai
In Mumbai, there are hundreds of children who have been taken out of society and institutionalized. These children are in the Observation Homes as they are deemed to have committed an offence or in the Children’s Homes as they have no parents or their parents cannot bring them up. Like any other child, these children are in need of care, guidance and protection in their formative years.

Project Pragati meets these needs of the children, providing supplementary education and basic computer literacy. We also follow-up with those discharged from the Home to continue their studies or be trained in a skill. Pragati seeks to present a secure future to the children of Observation and Children’s Homes!

In 2016-17, 422 children were directly impacted and our services reached over 1110 children.