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In November 1994, a group of concerned citizens gathered together and decided to reach out to the most underprivileged people of Mumbai city where very few people want to go. The group also realized that each one of the underprivileged people also have a dream and that it would be a great privilege to work along with the underprivileged to help them articulate their dream and then equip them to see the fulfillment of their dream. With the above vision in mind, Sahaara Charitable Society was registered as a non-governmental organization in 1994 with a vision of “Gifting Dreams”.
From the child victimized in a perilous red light area, to her trafficked mother benumbed by sexual violence, to the languishing prisoner, to the child invisible behind high walls of the observation home, to the orphan on the street, to the stick- tapping visually challenged woman on the speeding train and to the slum child who is written off to be a child labourer, Sahaara perseveres in the enkindling of the dying dreams all across the city of Mumbai...
We work among the most disadvantaged population in the city of Mumbai. We have seen some amazing dreams being realised by people on the margins of society as we take them through various stages. The initial stage aims to improve the quality of life of the beneficiaries in the place where they are by building friendships or relationships. After building a certain level of relationships, care centres are commenced where daily interactions with specific programs like education, feeding and medical take place. At this stage the most promising beneficiaries are identified and are accepted into our long term rehabilitation, trained and integrated into society.
Members Of Managing Committee
 Arthur Thangiah
( CEO & Managing Committe Member )
 Santosh Johny
 ( Managing Committe Member ) 
 K.X. Selvan
 Kumresh Pekayare
( Jt. Hon. Secretary )
 Steven Abraham
( In- Charge- Human Resources )
  Joemon Joseph  
( Managing Committee Member )
 Mathew Depenha
(  Managing Committee Member )
  Naren Thapa
(  Managing Committee Member )
  Darryl Collins  
( Hon. Secretary )

Mobis Phlipose  

( Hon. Treasurer )

 Stanley Mehta  
( Managing Committee Member )
 Akhilesh Baghel  
( Joint Hon. Treasurer )
Sahaara wins the DSI Peer group award for non-profits,

at the Taj Hotel

Medical Camp held at Gorai Balwadi conducted by BSES MG Hospital,sponsored by L&T.

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